Hair Color How To: Shining Shamrock by Jordan Glindmyer and Ali Boone

Colorists Jordan Glindmyer and Ali Boone recently created this gorgeous blue-green hair color for their client. A rainbow of turquoise, teal and lime green, the end result is stunning, multidimensional color. Now, in honor of Saint Patrick's Day, Glindmyer shares the steps she took to create this fun, colorful look.

Get the Look:
Natural level: 3
Canvas level: 7-9 blue
Lightener: Redken Flashlift (volumes below)
Formulas: PRAVANA Vivids: Silver + Vivids Blue Neon Blue + Blissful Blue Neon Green Clear and Neon Blue Vivids blue

"This was a joint project between myself, Jordan Glindmyer (@PinupJordan) from Schenectady, NY, and Ali Boone (@SmokedLaceHair) from Charlotte, NC," says Glindmyer. "Our client, Sara, came in to Hair Klaudt in Charlotte with color that she had attempted to do herself, so her canvas level was uneven and quite splotchy from previous lightening, and had Ion blue over the canvas.

"First, we determined her canvas level and decided to attack the project with Redken Flashlift with 40 volume and Olaplex on the darker level 7 spots, and 30 volume with Olaplex on the lighter level 9 areas. Ali and I simultaneously worked on the back and side panels together, and allowed to process for approximately 15 minutes before applying Redken Flashlift with 30 volume to the natural root color. We processed the root to a level 9. The canvas lifted to a lighter blue, approximately a level 9. We processed the roots for about 30 minutes, rinsed, did Olaplex step 2, shampooed, conditioned, trimmed and blow-dried.

"Ali and I began with the dark blue shadow root color to really start a dimensional melt, beginning in the back, and feathered the color about two inches down, completing the root application on the entire head.

"Ali and I continued our application in the back panels, working simultaneously in a free-form, hand-painted pattern using four alternating custom PRAVANA shades of blue and a few pops of green. The fun part about doing a collaboration project and incorporating it with such an art-like vivid color is that there is no right, no wrong, no rhyme or reason, so sectioning and color choice doesn't matter as long as it blends. Don't be afraid to blend with your fingers, and add clear between different colors to blend if necessary!

"After applying the Vivids, we processed for 30 minutes, rinsed thoroughly under cold water until it ran clear, and conditioned without shampooing.

"After round brushing, Jordan finger-combed the top of the hair, and loosely braided it, being sure to pull the plaits to soften the braid and really showcase the colors. The client drove four hours one way from Virginia for her double-duty mermaid hair, and we hope it was worth every minute!"

  For more from Jordan Glindmyer, follow her on Instagram @PinupJordan.
For more from Ali Boone, follow her on Instagram @SmokedLaceHair.

[Images courtesy of Jordan Glindmyer]

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