Spring/Summer Hair Color Brightener

For spring/summer, many clients are turning to lower maintenance colors than the vibrant hues from the fall/winter…and many times it takes two visits to the salon to make the transition gracefully. Jennifer Correale, stylist at Di Rosa Haircare, took her guest from red to a beautiful chocolate that will be brightened further in 6 weeks when spring finally hits.

“After a year of doing Elumen RR@all by Goldwell, my guest and I decided it was time to switch things up for spring/summer. She’s a big swimmer and wanted something more low maintenance so her color would last and look good,” explained Correale.  “I explained that it would be better to do this in two sessions so that we could keep her hair in the best condition as possible, honesty is the best policy,” she adds.

The first session on March 8th took the guest from red to chocolate - she still had great dimension with warm specs of caramel. At her next visit, scheduled in 6 weeks, Correale will do a root touch up and ombré to brighten the chocolate for spring. And the most important part is, her hair looks and feels GREAT.

Spring Brightener

Step 1: 40ml 10vol and 40ml Goldwell Topchic 6mb at roots while feathering down color by turning brush vertically to bring down the foundation color.

Step 2: Silk Lift and 30 vol, take Goldwell Highlighting Board and feather sections for desired lightness and put in foil.

Step 3: Whatever hair is left out apply the foundation again which was same as roots. 40ml 10vol and 40ml Goldwell Topchic 6mb, let process.

Step 4: After everything is rinsed and shampooed, apply Goldwell Colorance on lightened areas 40ml core lotion 15ml 8sb 5ml 7g (because she was still reddish/pink)  a great formula to control the warmth and deposit at same time.

“Only a true professional knows how far to push the limit when coloring to preserve the integrity of the hair…my advice is don’t push it, you are a professional because you know when to pull back. If it takes 2 services to get the desired color, so be it, your guest will appreciate your honesty and professionalism,” adds Patrick McIvor is Artistic & TechniCulture Director for Goldwell and KMS California and Techni-Color Director of ARROJO.

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