Stylists Get their Flow, Form and Flaunt on with Marylle Koken at Sebastian Gallery Jam

Stylists joined Marylle Koken at Sebastian Jam to bring their creativity to new levels, break boundaries and think outside of the box. Sebastian is all about thinking forward and fearlessly creating something new and original. Attending stylists couldn't wait to take on the task and dive right into the hands-on portion of the class.
Marylle Koken demonstrated inspiring hairstyle looks with the Sebastian Professional Flow, Form and Flaunt product lines.

Flow focuses on enhancing movement and fluidity like these soft and airy bouncy curls.
Form enhances lines and textural transformations. This style was set with a micro-crimp:
Flaunt helps stylists achieve that high shine.
Another topic of the class was cellophane services and creating on-trend colors such as popular pastels. Marylle demonstrated tips for a two-toned icy blonde and pastel pink.

Marylle Koken talks Flow, Form and Flaunt:

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