Celebrity Haircolor: Lena Dunham Goes Green

Lena Dunham isn't shy when it comes to embracing new hair trends. The writer, director, producer and star of HBO's Girls recently joined the celebrity rainbow hair trend when she swapped out her relatively recent platinum bob for minty green locks. Debuting the look on Instagram, Dunham stated, "Newly minted for the Canadian leg of the [book] tour," in reference to her recently released collection of essays, Not That Kind of Girl.

The bold new look was created by hairstylist Rheanne White (Instagram.com/rheannewhite) and colorist Tanner Bassett (Instagram.com/tanneyb) of Rheanne White Salon in New York City.

Says Bassett, "We decided on doing the mint green because we had previously taken her platinum so we thought it would just be fun to play with some bright colors since we already had her at that beautiful shade of white. We picked the green because we felt it would really compliment her skin tone. I love the mint colors on people with paler skin tones and I really try to avoid using it on anyone with any olive in their skin already. I worked with Pravana Vivids color but my own special mixture of several colors to get the right hue as well as diluting it to a more pastel shade of the mint."

Bassett also shares his tips for upkeep, "I recommend a really gentle shampoo such as Oribe Ultra Gentle shampoo so that it doesn't rough up your cuticle too much and you can get really nice longevity out of your color. I also recommend having your colorist take you slightly darker than you'd want at first so your fade-out is just as awesome as your original color."

[Images: Instagram.com/lenadunham]

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