Goldwell Releases Traditional Rebels

While in Berlin for Goldwell Color Zoom Challenge 2014, I got a sneak peek at Traditional Rebels, the company’s hair fashion collection for 2015, and it rocks. Everything about this collection suggests that chaos is the new order. Inspired by what they saw on the runway, the Global Color Zoom Creative Team created a rebelliously fresh collection that defines elegance in a completely new way. Historical elements clash to create new trends. Look for tribal influences or ornamentation—think Scottish tartans or African masks. Combing different elements, say, metal on a t-shirt, results in unexpected elegance. Meanwhile, reconstructed colors give the looks an entirely new twist. Gone are the pastels and faded colors we’ve seen so much of recently. In their place is a heavy saturation of color. In fact, the reconstructed color collection includes just seven key shades ranging from warm to cool neutrals. In short, style is extremely individual, so the cuts and styles of the Traditional Rebels collection seem rounded but hide angular elements to create a subtle harmonic effect. Interior layers are integrated to create movement and a new, raw edge in each style. To find out more, see—MARIANNE DOUGHERTY, EDITOR AT LARGE, BEAUTY LAUNCHPAD

Flip through to see the full collection!


[Images courtesy of Goldwell]

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