NYFW Get the Look: Feminine Meets Sporty at Koonhor by Adam Livermore

Designers Koon Lim and Catrine Thé of the rising Italian-made fashion label Koonhor managed to create pieces that are the perfect balance of androgyny and femininity yet again for Spring/Summer 2015. But they also showed off their sporty side with drawstring backpacks, high-concept visor caps and crewneck sweatshirts. To complement the collection, key hairstylist and Oribe Educator Adam Livermore created a look that “extends the artistic direction of exaggeration and contradiction."

"The hair is super long to the waist with a wet, slick texture on top opposite a dry, kinky texture below,” explained Livermore, who applied extensions to the models' hair before creating his duo of textures.

Get the Look:
1. Create a center part. Use Oribe Superfine Strong Hair Spray, a comb and a blow-dryer to slick the hair down really tight to the head from the earlobes to the base of the neck.

2. Apply Oribe Balm d’Or Heat Styling Shield and crimp the rest of the hair to the ends.

3. Brush out the crimped hair and intensify the texture of the hair with Oribe Thick Dry Finishing Spray.

[Images courtesy of Luxury Brand Partners]

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