Hair News: Oribe Presents Backstage Miami 2013

Miami came alive with inspiration and passion last weekend, as approximately 1,500 stylists and salon owners gathered together for Oribe Backstage Miami 2013. “You could feel the love and the energy throughout the event,” Oribe said. “It was the most incredible experience of my life.”

Backstage Miami kicked off on June 8 with a day of activities that included The Oribe Open Golf Tournament and the 3rd Annual VIP Celebrity Poker Tournament. That evening, the event officially began with a Welcome Party at Hyde South Beach, which featured signature cocktails and live mermaids at one of Miami’s most exclusive nightspots.

On June 9, Oribe Hair Care launched its first idealogue: Owners’ Forum, a day of business education focused on the ways salon owners and stylists can use easy-to-implement ideas and shifts in thinking to enhance client relationships and their bottom line. Speakers included Stew Leonard Jr. of the world-famous Stew Leonard’s grocery stores; former Lucasfilm, Sotheby’s and IMG executive Roger Faxon; salon owners Adam Broderick, Jack Panico and Gary Gemma; C.O. Bigelow CEO Ian Ginsberg; Wella CEO Reuben Carranza; and more.
“I thought idealogue was extraordinary,” said Oribe co-president Daniel Kaner. “One hundred percent of the attendees raved about it and claimed we broke new ground in salon business education. We found the right speakers to address real-life issues salon owners and stylists face, and we saw so many “aha” moments happen among the standing-room-only crowd.”
Those who weren’t at idealogue got some time in the sun at the Shore Thing Pool Party at The Shore Club. Along with Oribe beach balls and margaritas, guests were treated to poolside Oribe Manicures, which featured designs inspired by the Dry, Shine and Imperméable cans.
After a day of business and swimming, it was time for inspiration and a “wow” factor at THE SHOW, a journey through the Latin culture…through Oribe’s eyes. “Oribe gave us performance art and took the idea of a hair show in a direction I’ve never seen,” Kaner said. “It was all about art and referencing and true insight into Oribe’s creative process. He gave us a three-dimensional homage to Latin influences and acted as a narrator throughout the amazing voyage. I hope it opened the door to some new references from a culture that’s so rich in history and color.” Segments included references such as Jennifer Lopez, the Afro Cuban culture, The Chupacabra and Quinceañeras, with a carefully curated soundtrack chosen by Oribe (listen to the playlist: Backstage Miami 2013 - La Fama), incredible designer clothing hand-selected by legendary fashion editor Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele and complementary makeup by renowned makeup artist Sonia Kashuk. “This was my edit, my vision,” Oribe explained. “I wanted to share my point of view and get a reaction from people. I thought it was glamorous beyond belief, a little racy and, at times, rather unexpected.” THE SHOW also highlighted Oribe Hair Care’s five new products: Grandiose Hair Plumping Mousse, Surfcomber Tousled Texture Mousse, Curl Shaping Mousse, Thick Dry Finishing Spray and Soft Dry Conditioner Spray.  As THE SHOW came to a close and white Oribe beach balls representing the mousses’ plumes descended on the audience, a dance party started…and continued on to the nearby Baoli lounge. [pagebreak]
 The following morning, nearly 400 attendees participated in the HANDS-ON WORKSHOP and attempted to set a Guinness World Record for Most People Styling Hair (confirmation of record is pending). The inspiration for the HANDS-ON was The Chupacabra, with Oribe encouraging stylists to envision their own monster (and name it) and let their creativity run wild. “It was all about hairdressers expressing themselves,” Oribe said. Participants got to practice their technical hairdressing skills, as well as their makeup and fashion design talents after Oribe asked them to create an attention-grabbing eye makeup look and to take the La Fama t-shirts they’d been given and transform them into something incredible. After being professionally photographed, the models then took to the runway for a spectacular presentation in front of nearly 1,000 spectators. “I was blown away by the magic of the runway show,” Oribe said. “I had goosebumps.” [pagebreak]

Along with getting stylists to experience Oribe products and stretch themselves, the HANDS-ON WORKSHOP had another purpose: finding THE ONE, a stylist who would be chosen for a six-month mentorship with Oribe. After walking the room throughout the day and seeing all the finished looks during the final runway presentation, Oribe selected 23-year-old Kevin Green from Luigi Bruni Salon in Birmingham, Michigan, as his new protégé. Oribe was drawn to Kevin’s palpable kindness and passion for both hairdressing and fashion, as well as the style he created, which used a “pouf” of hair on top of the very structured style to add something a little unexpected. Kevin celebrated with his salon co-workers and other Backstage attendees at the Farewell Party at one of Miami’s hidden secrets, Foxhole Bar.
“Backstage Miami was just how we planned it: challenging, unusual and progressive,” said Oribe co-president Tev Finger. “Oribe tends to be ahead of where the fashion is, so we offered a window into the future. We have our annual Backstage events to inspire salons and get stylists to think outside the box and challenge themselves. We hope they use what they learned and try to push the envelope a little more with their clients. And I hope they realize that they can be THE ONE every day that they show up to the salon.”

[Images courtesy of Oribe]

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