Swimmingly Fine

Swimmingly FineLoads of confidence, bronzer and hair product saturate the Rosa Chá swimwear runway.

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Designer: Rosa Chá

Products: Wella System Professional

Fashion statements can be made anywhere, with poolside jaunts and sunbathing on yachts topping the places to be seen during the summer months. Brazilian swimwear designer Amir Slama certainly feeds this need for fashionable exposure, turning out swimsuits best worn by ladies with an aversion to getting wet.

For the spring showing of Slama’s Rosa Chá swimwear line, high-end glamour fused with art deco details and an abundance of accessories. The hair, conjured by Wella System Professional lead stylist Ric Pipino, takes on the air of beachy keen with a spot of constructed glam. Says Pipino, “We wanted shiny hair that looks refreshing. The woman is in the hot sun, but she remains cool with her wet, slick hair.”

To achieve completely soused, shiny strands, Pipino saturates hair with multiple layers of System Professional Ultimation and System Professional Flashlight. The resulting look—a super-tight ponytail with soaked texture—fits the feel to a T. After all, Pipino says, “because this hairstyle is meant to look like a woman exiting the pool or ocean, she naturally would have loads of texture in her hair from either the chlorine or  salt water.”

With both their skin and hair dewy, the girls sashay on the catwalk in their teensy-weensy bikinis, an air of cool confidence exuding from every bronzed pore and wet hair follicle. And this is exactly as it should be. Says Pipino, “This hairstyle is for a woman who means business. She could look you dead in the eye, ask for something, and get it.”

Score This Look

Poolside or oceanfront, locks get this drenched look with:

Wella System Professional Ultimation: extreme hold and maximum shine

Wella System Professional Flashlight: eliminates static and adds shine

Wella System Professional Fluid Crystal: slick, frizz-free texture

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