Hollywood Renaissance Collection by Pasquale Caselle

Artistic Educator for IT&LY HAIRFASHION, Pasquale Caselle utilized the looks of Hollywood past with Hollywood present. Each model has 2 looks that depict the importance of great hair color to capture each design.
evel 6 base, IT&LY HAIRFASHION'S AQUAR&LY 8A (Light Orange Blonde) mixed with 20 volume AQUAR&LY Developer was used to create this dynamic and sultry Hollywood red head.

Style # 1 How to Achieve the Look:
Pure Fluid Experience was applied after gently towel drying her freshly washed hair for added volume. To style, use a medium round brush and blow dry piece by piece to create a bit of bend in the hair. After the entire head is blown dry, lightly tease the root area and smooth with a soft bristle brush. Use Pure Water Drops on the ends to add shine and definition of the loose curls. To finish, spray lightly with Pure Definition Aerosol Spray.
e curls. Spray the entire head with Pure Definition Aerosol Spray and begin to manipulate the hair up towards the crown, yet not too tight as you want to create a deconstructed look. Secure with pins. Finish with Pure Definition Aerosol Spray.









IRFASHION'S Colorly 2020 SSD (Superlight Gold) was mixed with 30 volume Oxily Developer on level 7 hair to achieve this alluring Hollywood blonde.
Style # 1 How to Achieve the Look:
Prepare the hair with Pure Fluid Experience to give more density to the hair along with Pure Texture on the roots for volume.  To style use a small round brush and blow dry to create volume and bend in the hair. After finishing the blow dry, apply Pure Water Drops to ends to create definition in the curl. Next, lightly tease the roots and gently smooth the surface to create a soft sensuous look.  To finish, spray with Pure Eco Non Aerosol Hair Spray.
urls fall softly and naturally. A softer silhouette was desired so the fringe area was left heavy with soft curls around the face.  To finish, spray with Pure Definition Hair Spray.


Images courtesy of Janice McCafferty Communications.

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