Technical Ecstasy

Technical EcstasyBrand-new tools to stroke your styles!

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Do you remember when MTV actually lived up to its name?  AC/DC rocked Fenders in Back in Black and Iron Maiden wailed Moog synths to send fans into the stratosphere. But they weren’t the only ones to test the limits of their fabtastic instruments. The beauty business was rockin’ to its own BPMs with Joelle, Hakari, Solis and Babyliss—tools that helped skyrocket hairdressers to true rock-star status among their adoring fans.

Alas, all good things come to an end. Or do they? Unlike most heavy metal rockers who finally hit a deaf note, hairstylists and the tools they wield just Keep On, Keepin’ On. 

Slip into "Technical Ecstasy" with this stash of new tools. They may not have you playing riffs like Black Sabbath, but they will help you stroke some new styles of your own. Now, about the irascible Ozzy’s hair: scissors, anyone?

—Jeryl E. Spear

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