Bold Beautiful

“There is always a place for messy, undone hair, but with the rise of the finger wave from movies like The Great Gatsby and on the red carpet, I love to see this polished trend grow,” says Hairroin Lead Stylist/Owner and Sebastian Professional Design Team Member Janine Jarman.

Such is the inspiration for the salon team’s spring 2013 collection, which combines sleek retro styling with modern pops of color.

“Our overall vision for the shoot was to take some of the hot trends seen on the runways and translate them into a wearable, sophisticated look,” says Hairroin’s resident makeup artist Noel Nichols.

“We’ve been seeing a lot of bold color lately after a mostly neutral palette trend. Poppy, coral, azure and pink are fun but also totally wearable when applied with an edited hand, making the look both interesting and modern.”

The result is a stunningly chic collection that speaks to the benefits of salon team partnerships. “It’s always exciting to collaborate with a fantastic team,” says photographer Lenka Ulrichova. “Noel and Janine are incredibly creative and talented. They created art!”

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