Hair Color NEWS: Pravana Announces 2012 “Show Us Your VIVIDS” Winner

Name: Amanda Stone

Location: Tampa, Florida

Title: Colorful Bird

The inspiration for this hair color/cut was a very brightly colored bird. The way the feathers lay and transition into each other was so smooth and seamless. The model also loved the tones of blue and pink/purple.

After blow drying the hair, I began to take sections. From top of the ear to the other top of ear, I split the hair into two major sections. Everything below the ear was colored with PRAVANA VIVIDS 1oz Blue mixed with 1/2 an ounce of Green. On the two longest pieces of hair, I faded this blue green mix into PRAVANA VIVIDS Magenta mixed equal parts with VIVIDS Wild Orchid on the ends using an ombre technique. This completes the bottom half of head.

For the rest of the hair sectioned up above the ear, I separated it into 6 sections, mimicking a “pie” shape off of the top point of the head (think of how you’d cut a pizza into six even slices and slide the lines slightly vertical). Last, I took a circular section right at the crown intersecting the 6 sections of the pie, so this section would overlay the rest of head.

I started color above the left ear with VIVIDS Blue, then moving towards the face the next section was colored Violet, then VIVIDS Magenta mixed equal parts with Wild Orchid, then VIVIDS Green mixed equal with Blue, then VIVIDS Blue, and finishing the 6th section with VIVIDS Green.

As for the last circular section at crown I used PRAVANA VIVIDS 1oz Blue mixed with a 1/2 of an ounce of Green (same formula as bottom). After rinsing the hair carefully with PRAVANA Hydrating Conditioner, I put a small amount of PRAVANA RELAX and blow dryed straight into place with a paddle brush.

[Images courtesy of Pierce Mattie Public Relations]

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