Wine Tasting

Only Hue Wine TastingCheers to this! Wine-hued lips are hitting the mark with beauty makers.

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“When done correctly, this look is minimal, as well as elegant,” says Austin.

Line your older clients’ lips to keep the rich color from traveling, but avoid drawing strong, sharp edges, which “can look outdated,” says Von Freudenberg.

Skip the liner altogether when applying the trend for youngsters. Instead, treat the tint as a stain, concentrating the lipstick toward the center of the mouth to create the appearance of lips slightly stained from sipping cabernet.

Spies stresses using your fingers as your lipstick applicator; “you can achieve that ‘not so defined’ matte finish” with this technique, she says.

And, regardless of your client’s age, remember this tasteful tip from Robison—“Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! These colors show every little flake and line on lips.” Truly, nothing looks worse than gunky, flaking lips dressed in dark lipstick.

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