Sun-Smarten Up

Sun-Smarten UpWEB EXCLUSIVE! It’s all sun and fun until her hair and skin lose their luminous luster. Education, prevention and the reconstruction of past wreckage are her best line of attack.

By Karie L. Frost

When it comes to the sun, we tend to turn a blind eye to the fact that it rules with an extremely unforgiving hand (in the form of far-reaching UV rays). Why worship a ball of fire that strips us of everything that is beautiful: our mane’s shine and silky texture, our skin’s softness and youth? Yet, we keep coming back for more.

Enough is enough! Though past sun-fun adventures are logged on tresses and countenances, beauty pros and dermatologists offer up solutions to counteract yesterday’s damage and today’s aggravation, as well as preventative tips and ingredient recommendations for sun-smart tomorrows.

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