How-To: Textured Bob Haircut

Learn how Arkansas-based hairstylist Reagan Fox created a textured box bob.
Learn how Arkansas-based hairstylist Reagan Fox created a textured box bob.
Courtesy of @reaganfoxhair

While bob haircuts have never gone out of style, they certainly were not favored in recent years in comparison to longer hairstyles. 

But as time passes, more people may be itching to make a big chop, thus the reemergence of the bob haircut trend. There's such a variety of ways the bob can be worn, such as in a boxy format and a textured look, making it customizable for every client who is looking for a shorter cut. 

If you are looking for bob inspo, look no further. Arkansas-based hairstylist Reagan Fox (@reaganfoxhair) shares how she created a textured bob. 

"You can really customize this haircut to any client, it is so flattering to so many face shapes. For any client wanting some extra volume, this choppy textured bob would be for them," Fox says. "You can full out style this cut with blow drying and beached curls, or even air dry with the clients natural wave/curls. A haircut you can create and carve with a razor, have fun with this one my fellow cosmos!" 


  1.  Begin the service with a thorough consultation to determine the perfect bob for your guest.
  2. Give a relaxing scalp massage with Hairstory New Wash at the shampoo bowl.
  3. Apply Eufora Sculpture and Shine Mist cocktailed in your hands through clients damp hair for a cutting lotion.
  4. Establish the clients desired part, then lay your comb over the top of the head to see where the head rounds at the crown. Part from the top of the head to the back of the ears on each side. Clip the front of the hair out of the way.
  5. Starting your cut at the back of the hair, section from the occipital bone down. Create your perimeter with a razor for a more shattered, textured feel at the ends.  A textured bob created by Reagan FoxA textured bob created by Reagan FoxCourtesy of @reaganfoxhair
  6. Begin layering this section by over directing to the back of the head at a 45° angle. This will establish underlying layers and texture.
  7. Drop the rest of the hair down, have the client turn their head to the right, comb the hair back over the shoulder and finish cutting your perimeter with the same razor technique, with a slight longer angle towards the front of the hair. Repeat on other side with client turning their head to the left. 
  8.  Picking up an inch of the Mohawk section at the part hold the hair 90° off of the head and begin to razor cut to create a soft textured layer that falls over your bob.  
  9. Begin to go around the head, free-handing and connecting the mohawk section to the sides.
  10. Establish the height of the front of the clients head by laying the comb over head. Part from the top front to the temples. Comb the bang area from the arch of the eyebrow on each side, over direct from the clients face, and slide cut with your razor. Blend this to the temples with a graduated slide cutting technique. 
  11.  Apply Hairstory Dressed Up and Lift Volumizing Spray for styling. Blow dry with tons of over direction to create volume at the roots. Finish with a curling iron to create a beach wave. Shake out waves after they are cooled, and spritz Eufora Dry Texture Spray to amplify the style and give it a little hold. 

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