How-To: Curtain Bangs

Learn how to create curtain bangs from Orlando-based hairstylist and lover of fringe and textured cuts, Ellie Stommel (@thebangsbabe).
Learn how to create curtain bangs from Orlando-based hairstylist and lover of fringe and textured cuts, Ellie Stommel (@thebangsbabe).
Courtesy of Ellie Stommel (@thebangsbabe)

A softer version of straight-across bangs, curtain bangs are summer’s hottest hair trend. 

Done right, curtain bangs can flatter any face shape and hair texture, highlighting certain facial features and framing the face on both sides.

Below, Orlando-based hairstylist and lover of fringe and textured cuts, Ellie Stommel (@thebangsbabe) shares how she brought this gorgeous set of curtain bangs to life: 

“When talking about curtain bangs with a client, I first address where we want the weight of the bang to sit, that’s where the swoop will happen (and also the magic),” Stommel says. “I typically find that the start of the cheekbone is a flattering spot to start your bang as it opens up your client's face.” 

Curtain bangs by Ellie Stommel (@thebangsbabe)Curtain bangs by Ellie Stommel (@thebangsbabe)Courtesy of Ellie Stommel (@thebangsbabe)


  1. Start by finding where your client’s head starts to round, parting out a soft triangle shape from the point of their head rounding down towards the recession.
  2. Then, take a horseshoe parting in front of the ear – This will create those delicious face shaping bits that will hug the face when putting the hair up. 
  3. Taking a very small piece of hair from the middle of the triangle, starting on the part, cut the hair down toward the nose using a sliding scissor method or razor. This will create a guide and be the shortest point of the curtain bang. Stommel likes to describe it to clients as a teepee. This is the tip of it.
  4. Going back and forth between the left and right side of the triangle, start taking small quarter inch sections following the shape of the triangle, over directing towards the nose, never past it. As you do this, you will raise your elevation ever so slightly every section until you complete your triangle parting and have a beautiful swooping curtain bang. While pulling these sections up and out it’s important to notice any bulking or weight in the section. Use the scissors like a razor, and use this time to carve out any unnecessary bulking.
  5. Use your tool of choice to carve weight out the opposite direction that you cut the hair in.
  6. When moving on to the side pieces that will hug the face, they will also be pulled up with elevation towards the nose. Aim for the top of the side section to sit right under the swoop of the bang, so visual cutting is key here.
  7. Elevate the hair and cut down in a slide cutting motion or razor, aiming for the last piece to hug the chin. This is always a client's favorite part – consider it the secret sauce of the curtain bang! Stommel adds that she enjoys connecting the top section of the bang into the face-framing of the layers and continuing through the haircut. 
  8. Finishing out the curtain bang, keep it simple! Stommel shares that her ride or die is a spritz or 2 of Bumble and Bumble Thickening Spray at the root and bangs, saying that a little bit goes a long way.
  9. Take a small round brush, make sure the shortest piece of the bang wraps around once, and bend the middle piece toward the face with a blow dryer. 
  10. Then, separate the hair where it parts and blow dry the two bang sections, pulling down towards the nose. It’s important to keep the blow dry nozzle on the bottom brush on top. This will create that “curtain” effect that you’re looking for!
  11. Then, round brush the face, hugging pieces towards their face. 
  12. Finish off with some Hairstory Powder on the roots and end bits of the bangs, for insane texture and volume.

“I call curtain bangs ‘gateway bangs’ because they are the soft, effortless way to test out bangs in a non-risky way! Curtain bangs can be customized for every face shape and be used to highlight your best features,” Stommel shares. 

For more curtain bang looks, you can read Beauty Launchpad's July/August 2023 issue.

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