What's Inspiring Hairstylist Chrissy Danielle

Chrissy Danielle
Chrissy Danielle
Courtesy of Chrissy Danielle

Here are six things that inspire Truss ambassador Chrissy Danielle

1. Consistency: I’ve found that consistency in all aspects of your life will help you succeed; professionally and personally, it pays off.

2. Faith: Having faith has pulled me through some of the most difficult times and helped me overcome what I perceived as my limitations—believing in a higher power gives me comfort.

3. Growth: You have to continually step outside of your comfort zone or you will never move forward. Whenever I get comfortable, I know it’s time to try something new.

4. Family: A support system is truly everything. Whether it’s friends or family, people to cheer you on and lean on make life much better.

5. Giving Back: The real reason why I do what I do every day is to inspire others and make people feel good. It means everything to me to hear that I’ve changed someone else’s career or inspired them.

6. Manifestation: I truly believe if you envision something, your powerful thoughts can help bring it to life.

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