How Vernon François Stays Inspired in the Salon

Headshot: Jesse Fiorino; courtesy of Vernon François
Headshot: Jesse Fiorino; courtesy of Vernon François

1 Kind Words

Language inspires me. Being dyslexic, this hasn’t always been my comfort zone—but over years of countless hair consultations I see how word choice moves people, makes people feel, and the effect this has over how we view ourselves and our hair.

2 Self-care

While putting others first is often the default, making time for oneself can be tricky. However, doing so can improve our personal and professional selves, which is so vital.

3 A Pioneering Mindset

Being ready to make your own path, knowing that you’re doing things differently than others, and being comfortable with that knowledge is both inspiring and exciting.

4 Family

Taking time to connect with loved ones near and far—friends who are family, family who are friends—listening, and truly hearing what they have to say, is nourishing and energizing.

5 Praise

Uplifting others, giving credit where credit is due, publicly applauding someone who has done good—doing this, receiving this and witnessing this is inspiring.

6 Meditation

Taking time to reflect and be calm is a quietly thrilling act. I wake up before my daughter to enjoy a few minutes of quiet. The simple act of breathing fully nourishes my soul and helps me feel ready for the day ahead.

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