Classic Meets Current in 1922 by J.M. KEUNE's Latest Collection

Classic meets current in this collection from 1922 by J.M. KEUNE, a new men’s line from Keune Haircosmetics. With a nod to the decade in which the company’s namesake realized his dreams, the collection features timeless styles created with the help of scientifically advanced and effective products.

Keune Mens Line

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To achieve the look, after using the appropriate 1922 by J.M. KEUNE Shampoo and towel- drying hair, create a deep side part. Work a small amount of Classic Gel through the roots, massaging with your fingers. Blow dry into a square shape, and then apply Original Pomade using a wide-tooth comb to create a slick look.

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Keune Hair Products

Beards are still in, but they’re no longer burly. After trimming the beard to ensure it’s shorter on the cheek and gradually longer toward the bottleneck, apply a small amount of 1922 BY J.M. KEUNE Beard Balm to style and six drops of Beard Oil to add shine. For the hair on top, dry it straight with a Denman brush, then apply a dab of Premier Paste and style with a wide-tooth comb.


[Images: Courtesy of 1922 by J.M. KEUNE]

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