Say Hello to the Modern Mullet

Modern mullet, side view
Modern mullet, side view
Courtesy of @drizzyxgroomer via Instagram

The mullet has made a comeback in contemporary form.  

Celebrity stylist and master barber Jeffrey Brock "AKA Drizzy" shares how to achieve the modern mullet using STMNT grooming Goods:

  • Use STMNT Grooming Spray to add grittiness to hair. 
  • Go in with STMNT Dry Clay to help give hair a natural feel.
  • Use a diffuser to help dry hair and mess it up a little with your fingers. 
  • Once hair is dry, go back in using STMNT Wax Powder to volumize and help bring out texture. 
  • Add finishing touches with STMNT Hairspray to hold the look together. 
  • Mullets look better on second- or third-day hair, so skip the daily hair washing and use dry shampoo or STMNT Spray Powder between washes to soak up excess oil.
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