Pebco Protools Debuts Collection of Barbering Shears

NEW Pebco Protools Barbering Shears
NEW Pebco Protools Barbering Shears
Courtesy of Pebco Protools

Pebco Protools is set to expand its offering with a debut line of Pebco Protools Barbering Shears.

Pebco Protools is a leading brand in professional nail tools and thermal tools.

The new line includes Barbering Shears 7", Barbering Texturizer 7" and Barbering Thinner 7".

The Barbering Shears are made from premium Japanese steel, offering barbers and hairstylists the precision, speed and sharpness they need to be a master of their craft.

Key Features:

  • premium Japanese steel
  • ergonomic handle/finger rest
  • precision-sharpened blade
  • smooth cutting action
  • mirror finish
  • five-year warranty

These shears will be available beginning July 2022.

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