Olivia Garden Enters Barber Space

OG Barber Collection
OG Barber Collection
Courtesy of Olivia Garden

Olivia Garden has launched a new line of high-quality tools designed for barbers: the OG Barber Collection.

The OG Barber Collection provides grooming tools, and includes paddle and round brushes featuring ceramic + ionic technology with ion-charged bristles to help moisturize, stave off frizz and add shine to hair. 

Both brush designs offer an ergonomic handle that is nonslip, suitable for all hand sizes, great for easy rotation and snag-free with a retractable sectioning pick.

The collection includes: 

  • The OG Barber Vented Paddle BrushOlivia Garden’s classic scalp-hugging design massages the scalp with comfortable ball tips, allowing barbers to quickly detangle hair with ion-charged bristles. The vented design maximizes airflow for ultra-fast drying so there is never more heat on the hair than necessary.
  • The OG Barber Round BrushFeatures a barrel designed for creating shape and volume with Olivia Garden’s high-quality ceramic coating that retains heat evenly, so hair dries faster. The V-shaped bristle design allows for barbers to easily pick up even the shortest hair and control tension. Available in three sizes, including Small (1"), X-Small (¾") and XX-Small (½"). 
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