The Barber Industry's Top Performing Clippers and Trimmers

We round up the industry's go-to hair clippers and trimmers.

Danny Imorum, Andis Educator, offers his advice on how to keep your clipper running in tip-top shape. 

  1. Brush it - With the clipper turned off, brush all loose hairs off of the blades. Hair that accumulates between the blades acts like sand or gravel and will quickly dull your blades. 

  2. Clean it - Clean and disinfect blades after every service. Imorum recommends Andis Cool Care Plus to not only keep blades clean, but also to help keep clippers rust-free while cooling them between uses. “I make sure I disinfect my tools in front of my client,” Imorum says, “Then he knows that I’m sanitizing my tools prior to applying them to his scalp.” 

  3. Lube it - Oiling lubricates your clipper and keeps it running in top performance. While the motor is running, place three drops across the teeth of the blade and one drop on each back rail, making sure you hold your clipper sideways. “Otherwise you risk applying too much oil and it tends to get into the motor,” Imorum says. After oiling, let run for 5-10 seconds to disperse the oil. Turn off and wipe off any excess. 

  • BaBylissPRO Forfex LithiumFX Clipper

     Designed for all-around fading and features hardened Japanese steel blades.

  • Oster Classic 76

    A workhorse, designed to cut through all hair types thanks to its powerful, single-speed motor.

  • Andis ProAlloy Fade Adjustable Blade Clipper

    Features XTR Technology that provides temperature reduction without compromising performance or quietness.

  • Wahl Cordless Magic Clip

    Features a high-precision stagger-tooth 2161 blade for superior ease of use, while the lithium ion battery allows for 90 minutes of run time.

  • Cricket Co. Stylist Xpressions Trimmer

    Boasts durable, corrosion-resistant stainless steel blades that are ideal for detail work or facial grooming.


Courtesy of manufacturers. 

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