Get Alicia Vikander’s Short and Natural Nail Look

People Nail Feat

Elaine Watson recently created a clean and natural nail look for Alicia Vikander’s People Magazine feature. “It was an incredible honor to work with People Magazine and Alicia Vikander for this article. She has such an incredible inner beauty that came through in every shot photographer Marc Hom took. I can only imagine how difficult it was for the staff to chose an image,” shares Elaine Watson. Here’s how to achieve the nail style:

Get the Look:

Cuccio Natural Manicure and Pedicure Products
Morgan Taylor Simply Irresistible
Morgan Taylor Polished Up
Nailebrity Take 2 Protective Base Coat


1. Apply Nailebrity, Take 2 protective base coat films to all finger nails.

2. Apply Morgan Taylor Simply Irresistable polish to her finger nails.

3. Apply Morgan Taylor Polished Up to toe nails.

[Image courtesy of Elaine Watson, People Magazine, Alicia Vikander and Marc Hom]

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