Tea Tree Special Detox Collection

JPMS Tea Tree Special Detox
JPMS Tea Tree Special Detox
Courtesy of JPMS

John Paul Mitchell Systems (JPMS) has added to its Tea Tree line-up of award-winning products with the Tea Tree Special Detox.

The Tea Tree Special Detox is formulated with skin-balancing ingredients for shinier, more-healthy looking hair.  

The collection includes:  

Tea Tree Special Detox Kombucha Rinse 

  • Clarifying rinse infused with kombucha and apple cider vinegar.
  • Clinically proven to remove 74% of scalp buildup after one use.
  • Smooths and seals the hair cuticle for shinier, softer hair.

Tea Tree Special Detox Foaming Salt Scrub 

  • Clinically proven to exfoliate and remove dry skin and buildup after one use.
  • Formulated with an antioxidant-rich blend of volcanic ash, Himalayan pink salt and French green clay.
  • Polishes and soothes the scalp, leaving it feeling refreshed and renewed. 

The Tea Tree Special Detox can be used as an add-on at the bowl for clients in need of a refresh, that includes the signature Tea Tree tingle, invigorating fragrance and squeaky-clean scalp feeling. It can also be sold as retail for clients looking to maintain a refreshed scalp at home to remove product buildup. 

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