Nutrafol Launches Microbiome Scalp Collection and Conditioner

Nutrafol Microbiome Scalp Collection + Conditioner
Nutrafol Microbiome Scalp Collection + Conditioner
Courtesy of Nutrafol

Nutrafol has launched the Scalp Microbiome Support Collection.

This collection was developed to balance the scalp microbiome as well as strengthen the hair and defend against damage.

Nutrafol’s Scalp Microbiome Support collection includes:

  • Build-Up Blocker – an exfoliating mask, used one to two times per week, that removes excess oil buildup using natural ingredients, gentle acids, sebum-balancing amino acids and plant detoxifiers
  • Root Purifier – a daily, nourishing and cleansing shampoo containing clinically proven ingredients such as a natural alternative to sulfates, a biosurfactant, prebiotics and vegan protein, that balances pH levels and creates the ideal environment for a healthy scalp and thriving tresses
  • Strand Defender – a clinically effective and lightweight conditioner with natural ingredients that proactively provide multilayer protection to strengthen the hair cortex and improve elasticity 
  • Stress Reliever – a scalp microbiome essence, used daily, made with soothing botanicals, collagen boosters, and pre- and post-biotics to calm the scalp, that visibly reduces redness and improves a dry, flaky, sensitive scalp
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