6 Tips for Practicing Self-Love

Beauty Launchpad's editorial advisors share their tips for self-love this Valentine's Day.
Beauty Launchpad's editorial advisors share their tips for self-love this Valentine's Day.
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Beauty Launchpad’s managing editor Alyson Osterman-Kerr shares what’s on her mind this month.

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Wishing you a successful start to the New Year!

Nothin’ But Love

Valentine’s Day is approaching—show yourself some love. I asked our team of editorial advisors for their recommendations on how to practice self-love this coming holiday.

“I was telling a client the other day to treat herself like she is the love of her life. I asked her to plan the next month like she was going to treat herself like the greatest thing that has ever happened: How would you speak to yourself, how would you acknowledge yourself, how would you dress yourself, how would you feed yourself and how would you take yourself out for a good time? Another great self-love tip is to write yourself a love letter and pour out your heart; really acknowledge and admire yourself for all you have done to be the person you are today.”—Elizabeth Faye (@heyelizabethfaye)

“Self-care is not selfish. The only people who have a problem with your ‘self’ are those who don’t respect your boundaries. Stop wrestling with the concept of rest—doing nothing at all is actually doing something that’s positive for your overall well-being.” —Keya Neal (@keyaartistically)

“Practice self-love by giving yourself permission to do nothing with zero guilt. Doing nothing (with a cup of coffee) is actually my favorite hobby!” —Missy Megginson (@soyoureahairstylist)

“The best way to practice self-love is to set healthy boundaries without feeling guilty. Putting yourself first is not selfish; it’s self-care in its highest form.” —Nina Tulio (@ninatulio)

“On the other side of pain lies joy—remember that. Each day, find those little magic moments that align with your brightest self.” —J Ladner (@itsmrjladner)

“Self-love is knowing your self-worth. Be kind to yourself, focus on your mental health and, most importantly, be fearless about that which you’re most passionate.” —Olivia Smalley (@omgartistry)

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