Pro Beauty Talks Podcast: Linh Phan & Maggie Hancock-One Nation Under Blonde

Maggie Hancock Linh Phan

Linh Phan and Maggie Hancock are powerful beauty industry influencers with hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram. They are also a power couple and share their love for hair and life. They are uber-talented, sincere, focused, and authentic. I would like to say they are fearless but they would say they have fears just like anyone else. The difference? They move forward even in the face of overwhelming obstacles. Maggie has been a passionate hair connoisseur since she was a child and hair was her destiny. When she got out of school she assisted for a year, worked in a commission salon, owned a salon suite, did chair rental and now owns Moxie salon in old town Scottsdale. Additionally, she is a member of the Schwarzkopf Professional Artistic Team and a mom to her beautiful son.

Linh has been doing hair for over 10 years and considers himself a self-made man that started with nothing and built a name for himself in his uncle's basement. He specialized in edgy, unique cuts and color that didn't fit the basic mold. Also, a member of the Schwarzkopf Professional Artistic Team, his eccentric style attracted a lot of "scene" people. This is what inspired his iconic pseudonym, BESCENE.

This dynamic duo had a creative vision. They developed a concept, story, vision board, and compelling authentic passion around what they believed was a fact: that everyone in the world could be blonde, no matter their ethnicity. "One Nation Under Blonde" was born and made a reality. Maggie and Linh brought the concept to SchwarzkopfUSA, they loved it and gave these artists complete and free creative rein to make One Nation Under Blonde come alive. The campaign went viral and continues to break records.

This podcast was different for Pro Beauty Talks because it was the first time we simultaneously recorded both video and audio for future production uses. We were on location in one of the studios at the Schwarzkopf headquarters in Culver City, California

I hope you enjoy Maggie and Linh's story about how they made One Nation Under Blonde come alive, what the toughest parts were, and what it is like to work together.

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