Sexy Hair Launches Three New Products and Gets a Sleek New Makeover

With a sleek makeover and three new products, Sexy Hair proves that sexy has staying power. 

As stylists, we know that big sexy energy starts with your hair— and now, you can give your clients that va-va-voom style! Formulated with a proprietary blend of collagen, proteins, amino acids and peptides, Sexy Hair’s new products are a hair-strengthening, breakage-minimizing, damage- repairing trifecta.

Sexy Hair New Products

Big Sexy Hair Run Raiser Volumizing Dry Texture Spray: This texturizing spray delivers up to 70 percent more volume, provides up to 48 hours of style memory and absorbs oils that weigh down tresses.

Big Sexy Hair Boost Up Volumizing Shampoo: The formula imparts up to 30 percent more volume, improved manageability and up to 24 hours of humidity resistance.

Big Sexy Hair Boost Up Volumizing Conditioner: Body and shine are amplified in a lightweight conditioner with voluminous results.

Sexy Hair Hero Products

The six best-selling hero products in the iconic Big Sexy Hair line!

Sustainable Revamp

In addition to the launch, the entire Sexy Hair collection is getting a revamp. Caleb Foltermann, general manager of Sexy Hair, provides the details.

What about the rebrand excites you most?

Our fresh design of the iconic classic red Sexy Hair can elevates the packaging to an exciting new level. We’re giving stylists and consumers a modern and more appealing look while maintaining the classic key elements that our customers have loved for more than 20 years. It’s like a fresh coat of paint to significantly enhance our curb appeal!

How does the new look complement the brand’s values?

Sexy Hair is redefining what “sexy” means in today’s world, and our new product design is just a start. We have an entirely fresh approach to sexy, and are focused on authentic beauty with the elimination of retouching in our campaigns. Sexy is ensuring the inclusivity of all ethnicities, shapes and ages. Sexy isn’t defined by skin color or body shape; it’s defined by empowerment.

How does the repackaging demonstrate a commitment to sustainability?

In addition to our new direction focused on empowerment and inclusion, we’re also taking the much-needed step of moving entirely to Post Consumer Recyclables (PCR) sourcing for all plastics. By this summer, our plastic packaging will be sourced from roughly 95 percent PCR plastic, helping our consumers reduce their impact on the environment.


Styled with the new Big Collection dry texturizing spray, Fun Raiser #BigSexyEnergy

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The Big Sexy Hair collection is recommended for most hair types. The three new products will be available this month, and can be purchased at SalonCentric and CosmoProf.


[Images: Courtesy of Sexy Hair]


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