Topknots: The Perfect Gift

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It’s pretty easy to understand why topknots are so hot right now; they’re effortlessly chic and scream “didn’t try too hard.” Celebs rock it on the red carpet as well as the airport, models take it from the runway to the street, and real women turn to it because it’s easy to style. Topknots range from sleek and smooth to loose and loopy, but it’s the undone finish that’s appealing for everyday. Let’s take knots to the next level for the holidays – they’re a fun party updo that can go from office to soiree, and once you teach guests how to do them, they become an instant go-to look (especially for masking bad hair days). In fact, teaching how to create a beautiful topknot can be your holiday gift to your guests!

Geneva Cowen, Artistic Director for Sam Villa, is a whiz with updos, so I asked for her input on how to take topknots to the next level for the holidays.

  1. Add a braid and texture – see above, a braid creates interest, volume and texture, and it’s a great base to pin an accessory.
    • Use horizontal sections and lightly spray with Redken iron shape 11 finishing thermal spray. Using the Sam Villa Signature Series Textur iron, tap plates down the hair strands. Texturize all the length and brush thoroughly with the Sam Villa Signature Series Styling Brush.  
    • Create a ponytail by gathering all hair to the high point of the head. Begin in the back brushing sections towards the hand holding the length. Open hand just enough to gather the hair that was just brushed up. Once the surface is smooth, use a bungee with hooks and place the first one in the front of the ponytail close to the scalp. Go around the ponytail until it is tight and place the opposite hook under the first wrap of the bungee. No matter how thick hair is, it allows for maximum hold without losing tension.
    • Divide hair in the ponytail into three equal parts and create a loose braid. Once you have finished the braid, secure the ends with an elastic band. For a looser braid, gently pull apart.
    • Using both hands, wrap the length of the braid in a bun with the ends toward the back of the ponytail. Use a large strong hairpin and secure the ends by pinning the shape directly into the hair at the scalp area. Adjust the knot visually and add more hairpins as needed for security.
  2. Make it super sleek - apply Redken Braid Aid 03 to the braid prior to creating the knot for a super-chic sleek polished look.  Nothing says JOY like a flawless updo!
  3. Add an accessory – simply tie a silk scarf at the base of the knot, fasten a string or pearls or channel Coco Chanel and use a 2-inch black satin ribbon. Sparkly accessories pinned on the side are a nice touch too – there are so many beautiful options!

Anytime I do an updo I want it to stay – and you can bet your guests are thinking the same thing too, so advise them to spray Redken triple take 32 extreme high-hold hairspray for maximum hold that’s flexible and doesn’t flake. And, teach your guests the proper way to use a hairpin! When securing a shape with a hairpin, begin by placing the pin thru the shape in the opposite direction. Then secure it back toward the desired shape using a hook movement for maximum tension and security.   

Women are on the go and need beautiful looks that can be successfully accomplished in minutes. It is an essential aspect of our styling service to educate our guests so when they are not in our chairs they can feel chic and beautiful. Guests are looking for new ideas and ways to achieve beautiful results, be the one to educate them. “My hairdresser taught me” is a great compliment. Teach them how to not only create the look, but also give them the tools they need to fix it in a pinch. Travel size hairsprays are a great retail opportunity this time of year - stock up!

Give the gift of beautiful hair this season!

Hair: Team Sam Villa
Art Director: Geneva Cowen, Artistic Director for Sam Villa
Photography: Shalem Mathew
Makeup: Lorina Alailefaleula
Wardrobe: Rachel Droege

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