Trend Alert: Saucy Scotland by Marylle Koken

Maryllekoken Saucyscotland1

I’ve got a thing for redheads, and I have to say… this look is getting me all riled up. Get ready to swoon over this saucy, ginger hairstyle, which I call Saucy Scotland. It’s fierce and foxy, but doesn’t try too hard. And as I like to say to my guests at the Harlot, “being sassy is a good thing.”

I hand painted this look to perfection at the Sebastian Creative Immersion class at the #WellaStudioLA. Orange you wish you could’ve been there? Don’t fret, I’ve got some tips for you to create this look (AND I do educational classes on the regular, give the studio a call to find out more):

• Cut hair to just above shoulder-length. Make choppy, intense layers weaving the section first, then back cut.
• Color hair a deep blood orange, like persimmons or orange bell peppers. As you all know formulas differ based on many different variables but I suggest using Base - Relights /34 with 1.9% Volume Developer Highlights - 1 part Magma /07plus and 2 parts /34 with 20 Volume Developer as your starting formula, and then customize for your guest.

I love a lady in red.

How would you recreate this bold look? Snap me a pic and tag @kokentheharlot on Instagram.


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