Good Hair for a Special Occasion

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A “special occasion” can mean so many things. Upon a recent visit to a local blow-out salon, a woman sat in the chair beside me, looking into the mirror with excited trepidation. When asked by her stylist how she’d like her hair done, she immediately took out her iPhone to show her a picture. “This is from a year ago,” the client smiled. “I want to have my hair done like that again. It made me feel beautiful.” When her stylist asked if she would be embarking to a party that evening, the woman once again smiled nervously. “No, I’m going on my first date in 19 years. That picture I showed you was on my online dating profile. We’re meeting for coffee, and I’m so eager to finally meet him in person! I want him to see me at my best—and in that photo, I felt my best.” Proof positive that it doesn’t always take a big event (i.e. wedding, prom) for a girl to want her hair blown out beautifully, and for you to spend the time to make her feel extra-special—it can be as simple as a night at the movies with her husband, or as thrilling as her first foray into the dating world in 19 years. Whatever has brought her into your chair is a special occasion for her—treat it that way. Guaranteed: She will not only look back on her hairstyle with fond memories—but you as well. 


Alyson Osterman-Kerr

Image: Lance Cpl. Crystal Druery/United States Marine Corps/WikiMedia Commons

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