Magic's in the Makeup

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As my wedding day nears, it's time to tie down those odds and ends--one of those being my makeup.

Don't get me wrong, I know well-done makeup for the day-of is very important. Every bride wants to feel beautiful on her special day, PLUS, pictures--both good and bad--last forever!

That's precisely why I've procrastinated for so long: I knew my makeup had to be just right, and I'm a tad on the pickier side. Not too heavy (I don't want to have an outer-body-type experience the day-of where I can't even recognize myself!) and not too light (My face needs to show up in photos, and as I'm especially fair-skinned, I don't want to appear like a Casper-esque apparition!).

Thank goodness for Ja'Nice Estrada from Rebe Belle Salon in Ventura, California. She managed to make my eyes pop and my skin glow without making me feel like the makeup was wearing me.

Many brides I know look upon their wedding day with a bit of beauty remorse, saying that they couldn't enjoy their special day because they didn't look, and thus feel, like themselves. What's the biggest mistake you find brides commit in terms of makeup? What beauty advice do you give to your brides-to-be? And what makeup tips can't they live without? Inquiring minds (including yours truly) want to know!

Ja'Nice Estrada and me (pardon the blurry camera phone image!)

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