Wedding Bells are Ringing

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Wedding bells are just around the corner for me! Luckily, I had the privilege of getting my hair coiffed by superstylist Mohammad Rahebi over the weekend to get a couple ideas of how I want my hair to look for the big day!

I laughed, my mom cried (tears of joy, I assure you!), and Mohammad made the entire experience wonderful.

Fortunately, I have not hit THAT point yet, and I hope in the next two months as I near my wedding day that point never know what I'm talking about...when you see brides on TV practically kicking and screaming at stylists, makeup artists and any other unfortunate soul who dares to approach them as their wedding approaches.

Which got me to thinking: How do you handle a high-stress bride? Do you hang a "Keep Calm and Carry On" sign at your station? Or perhaps you have a nice bottle of bubbly on hand to ease the tension? ;)


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