Heavenly Hair

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True, I may not play with my hair as much as I probably should (I'm a creature of habit), but I absolutely adore dabbling with different hairpieces--wigs, falls, clip-ins and more!

I recently had the chance to meet with the lovely Tina Owens, founder of Halo Couture, who gave me a chance to test-drive her product: a patented 100% remy hair volumizing and lengthening system that sits approximately one to three inches behind the hairline with an easy-to-conceal wire. Let's just say, it was love at first try!

In this picture, I'm sporting the piece sans any sort of exact color match and cut, and it still looks incredible. The hair feels so light on the head that I'm able to wear it all day/night without headache. Plus, it's easy to style--my colleague Dario curled the hair (and my own) to perfection, and the waves lasted through the next day.

Obviously, I'm hooked. The first night I had to take out the hairpiece before going to bed, I felt a bit like Cinderella after the ball--from glam to glum in a matter of seconds. But then I remembered: This didn't have to be a permanent transformation. And the next morning I re-applied the hairpiece, excited to be the belle of the ball (or at least, roll into the office with the mane I should've been born with) once again.

'Til next time! Alyson Osterman-Kerr


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