Top 10 In-Demand Hairstyles for Spring 2024

Beauty and wellness marketplace Fresha found the hairstyles that have received the most nationwide interest in the past six months, and they're sharing the results!
Beauty and wellness marketplace Fresha found the hairstyles that have received the most nationwide interest in the past six months, and they're sharing the results!
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Spring is officially here, which means it's time for the reemergence of new hair trends! 

As a hairstylist, it's vital to stay up to date on trends, so you can anticipate and be prepared to create the looks your clients will be asking for. But, how do you know which looks and styles you should be polishing up your skills on? A recent study from beauty and wellness marketplace Fresha tells us more! 

The research analyzed online search volumes for 64 trending female hairstyles. By combining the average monthly searches for over 300 keywords, the study found the hairstyles that have received the most nationwide interest in the past six months.

"Spring is the perfect time to freshen up looks and try something new. As it gets warmer out, you should be ready to leave behind the winter wardrobes and step confidently into the brighter, sun-kissed days ahead," a Fresha spokesperson shares. “Meaning, it is the perfect time to pamper yourself with a trip to the hairdresser’s chair and experiment with something that tailors your hair type and preferences. Whether you're keen on trying one of the trendiest looks or something entirely new, it grants an opportunity to elevate your self-image.”

Here, we break down five of the top in-demand searches. 

1. The Wolf Cut

Proving the most popular across all fifty states, with an average 591,600 monthly search volume nationwide, the wolf cut is set to be the most popular style this spring. Generating a monthly search volume of 96,200 in California alone, the online fascination with this shaggy, layered haircut continues to escalate. On TikTok, ‘#wolfcut’ has exceeded seven billion views worldwide. Fashioned by stars such as Miley Cyrus, Billie Eilish and Jenna Ortega, this style is nearly 70% more popular than alternatives like the butterfly cut.  

2. The Butterfly Cut

The second-most popular hairstyle in the US, at 384,700 monthly searches, is the butterfly cut. Being the second-highest preference in 38 states, it particularly finds interest among Texans, whose monthly search volume averages around 43,000. Drawing inspiration from Rachel Green's iconic "Friends" look, this face-framing style features abundant voluminous layers. The hashtag '#butterflycut' has accumulated three million views in the US in the past seven days alone on platforms like TikTok, showcasing the enthusiasm of many to emulate the looks of celebrities such as Sydney Sweeney, Addison Rae and Kaia Gerber this spring.

3. The Pixie Cut

Generating an average of 306,300 monthly searches, the pixie cut ranks third. It claims the second-most popular spot in twelve states, with Georgia accumulating 10,500 monthly searches. The iconic style is characterized by its short and sweet appearance, featuring cropped layers. Over the years, celebrities such as Scarlett Johansson, Rihanna and Cara Delevingne have fashioned this haircut. Since November, ‘pixie cut’ has seen a 56.2% increase in searches on Pinterest, suggesting a resurgence in the trim’s popularity.

4. The Smullet

Introduced in 2019, the smullet has steadily gained popularity across the United States, securing the fourth position with an average of 172,500 monthly searches. Known as a shorter version of the mullet, this style has been sported by celebrities like Barbie Ferreira and Doja Cat. Interest in the smullet has even been on the rise, particularly in Florida, where it accumulates 13,100 monthly searches, and New York, where it averages 9,400 monthly searches.

5. The Shag

Concluding the list, the shag secures the fifth spot with 121,100 monthly searches. This short and choppy style, featuring curtain bangs and abundant texture, enjoys heightened popularity in states like Illinois, where it averages around 5,100 searches. Showcased by celebrities such as Emma Watson, Ashley Graham and Jennifer Lopez, its 20.4% growth in popularity on Pinterest indicates a prospective surge in fashionability for this spring.

You can see the full list of the top ten in-demand hairstyles below. 

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