This is your call to the wild: Learn how to get the trending wolf cut for your clients.
This is your call to the wild: Learn how to get the trending wolf cut for your clients.
courtesy of @margeauxagogo

Welcome to the wild. The wolf cut is the newest hair trend taking over social media. 

This cut is a modern-day mashup of the '70s shag and the '80s mullet. As the name implies, the wolf cut is a bit wild because of its shaggy, wavy and disconnected layers that make a nod to the mullet shape because they are cut shorter around the crown of the head to create volume with longer layers in the back. 

This style can be transformed to be edgy, chic or glamorous to fit the vibe of your client, depending on how short or soft you want to go on the layers and how mussy you style it. 

If you want to create this trending look for your clients, look no further. Here is some inspiration to get you started, as well as a how-to:

Hair by Margeaux Therese Hamrock

Img 0785courtesy of @margeauxagogo

Below Hamrock shares how she created this wispy and textured wolf cut: 

"I start this wispy and textured wolf cut by observing my model's head shape and where her head curves sit; I then plan on working with her curvatures for a tailored haircut," Hamrock shares. "From there, I section out a 1" 'headband' section around her front hairline from temple to temple. Using my Jatai Plier straight razor, I intentionally carve her bangs (from recession to recession) in small sections from short to long, creating points for separation.

"On the sides, I direct the hair forward, holding the section vertically and over and directing the hair in my hand upward. I then cut again from short to long from recession to temple. Moving back, I create a horseshoe section from recession to recession, wrapping just under the crown. I direct this hair forward in about 2" sections utilizing my 'bangs' section as a guide. I carve in negative space throughout the sections to create movement and texture. I do the same technique moving back from the sides, pulling all of the hair forward in 2" sections. While removing length to sit at our guide, I also continue to carve in negative space, removing weight and creating movement and texture in each section.

"Once finished, I take a 1" vertical section at 90 degrees from the crown to the bangs, cutting from short to long again and creating little points. I do this again (1" sections on either side of that original middle section). I then move the hair all around, making sure the layers are sitting how I like them with lots of kicks and flips and whimsical texture." 

Hair by Andy Judd

@andy Doesyourhaircourtesy of @andy_doesyourhair

This look was prepped and styled using @hairstorystudio, with color created using @colorspacehair.

Hair by Suguru Inagaki

@sugu Meynewyorkcourtesy of @sugu_meynewyorkHair by Adrianna Reyes-Miner

@yourhairsiscourtesy of @yourhairsis

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