In My Kit: Makeup Artist Alison Gladieux

Alison Gladieux Makeup

As an Emmy-nominated makeup artist for TV shows where sweat is omnipresent (think: “Dancing With the Stars,” “So You Think You Can Dance” and “World of Dance”), Alison Gladieux prefers products that are built for the rigors of performing. But just because her subjects drip with perspiration doesn’t mean she doesn’t give them a glow—both on their skin’s surface and in their soul. “Ultimately beauty comes from inside,” reasons Gladieux. “The most important part of my job is to encourage the light to shine from within. I always ask questions before starting an application; I try and learn about my clients—what makes them their best selves.” Here, she shares the items that help her grant an outward radiance to match clients’ inner glow.

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Makeup Kit Products

1) For a Hydrated GlowDermalogica Active Moist: “It creates a glow yet doesn’t ever become an obstacle to primers or foundations.”

2) For Targeted Makeup RemovalMario Badescu Skin Care Eye Make-Up Remover Gel Non-Oily: “Because it’s not oily you can clean up any makeup under eyes. Also, it doesn’t travel outside the area you’re using it on.”

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3) For Flawless Skin TextureVeil Cosmetics Sunset Light Primer: “It makes all skin look flawless, and creates the smoothest surface for foundation application.”

4) For Banishing ShinePeter Thomas Roth Max Anti-Shine Mattifying Gel: “Use it over or under foundations and primer to cut shine on any skin type and tone. There’s no ashy effect—even on the darkest of skin tones!”

5) For Streamlining Your KitZ Palette: “Having a heavy kit wears on you over the years. This genius magnetic palette has cut a considerable amount of weight and bulk out of my kit. It also enables me to find what I need backstage as quickly as possible!”


[Images: top courtesy of Alison Gladieux, bottom courtesy of manufacturers] 

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