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It’s a great time to be excited about eyelashes and eyebrows! FolicaBeauty’s LashesMD® and HowNowBrowMD™ bring fuller, longer looking lashes and brows, naturally. Spread the word to your clients they can have lashes and brows they love!

In today's world of multi-tasking, trends from low maintenance beauty to full-on glam and add in mask wearing, lashes and brows are playing a large part in the spotlight. Unfortunately, not everyone is born with long, thick lashes or bold, full brows.

Let your clients know you can help with a professional grade eyelash and eyebrow enhancer available without a prescription! At the same time, increasing your revenue.

About LashesMD

A nourishing eyelash conditioner serum specifically designed to promote lash growth and strength, getting to the root of the lash line allowing lashes to reach their full potential - thicker and longer looking lashes (and brows)!           

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LashesMD is not lash extensions or lash lifts. No glue to put on or rip off. LashesMD works naturally with your body. 

  •           Easy to use. Apply once at night, one swipe across lash lines and/or brows
  •           Result-driven technology including clinically proven SymPeptide® Xlash, rejuvenating amino acids, keratin, and botanicals to foster growth and stronger lashes and brows
  •           Eyelash serum pH balanced to be non-irritating to eyes
  •           Free from prostaglandins, an ingredient shown to irritate the eye area. Paraben and Hormone Free

Results have been seen in as little as 4 weeks*.

[*Results May Vary][*Results May Vary]

Spread the Word and Go Ahead, Lash Out!

 About HowNowBrowMD

A conditioning Tinted Liquid Eyebrow Pen, formulated to promote thicker, fuller eyebrows. A smooth, silky formula enhances natural brows to immediately appear thicker and fuller while helping brows grow!

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 Long-lasting HowNowBrowMD’s easy-to-use 4-point tip replicates natural hair-like strokes and fills in gaps delivering natural-looking brows while at the same time helping brows grow.

  •           Result-driven technology including clinically proven SymPeptide® Xlash, rejuvenating amino acids, keratin, and botanicals to foster growth and thicker brows
  •           Immediate and long-term results
  •           Encourages healthy brows by fortifying and strengthening hair
  •           Paraben and Hormone Free

 Three shades of smudge-proof, buildable colors:

  •           Achieve the perfect shade – go light or bold with one product
  •           Shades Available: Beach Blonde, Mocha Brown and Double Espresso
  •           Create brow trends including Ombre and Bold Look
  •           Smudge-proof and long-lasting

New hair color or haircut? Great time to up the brow game…there’s a shade to complement your clients new look!

 Easy steps to bold, thicker looking brows: 


Wow Your Brows!

LashesMD and HowNowBrowMDs unique-selling proposition, high quality and simplicity of use answer your client’s needs plus increase your revenue and great for repeat business!

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FolicaBeauty brings innovative, high-quality products focusing on the health and beauty of lashes and brows.  A combination of cosmeceuticals and natural ingredients deliver results-oriented “beauticeuticals” for the best lashes and brows can be. 

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