5 Standout Pride-Inspired Makeup Looks

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Pride Month is all about expression, and being your true self. And isn't part of being your true self looking your absolute best and showcasing who you are?

If you or your clients have been looking for a stylish makeup look for a Pride event (or just in general, because you're fabulous!), you can look to these five trends for inspiration:

  • Full Lashes Whether your client is a mascara babe or a 25mm. mink eyelash baddie, dramatic lashes are a must! 

Screenshot 2021 06 15 123949Courtesy of @ellie.y.makeup

  • Sparkly Eyeshadow Glitter eyeshadow is a bold, yet appropriate, choice. 

Screenshot 2021 06 15 124559Courtesy of @rickyricardowalker

  • Multicolored Gemstones Adding color-matched gemstones to eye makeup takes looks to the next level.

Screenshot 2021 06 15 124812Courtesy of @mua.francis

  • Matching Lips and Eyes Sometimes, being matchy-matchy is a good thing! 

Screenshot 2021 06 15 125118Courtesy of @_maxime.makeup

  • Rainbow Eyes This look can be achieved using pastel or ultra-bold shades to create the desired effect.

Screenshot 2021 06 15 125332Courtesy of @lorena_litai

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