Runway Report: One Size Does Not Fit All at Sophie Theallet

Keune 3 ModelsIt’s refreshing backstage at Sophie Theallet to see models (50 of them!) of various nationalities, colors, shapes and sizes running around while prepping to hit the catwalk. “It’s really great because it’s really respectful,” says MAC Lead Artist Tom Pecheux. “It’s not everyone trying to fit into one size.”

Keune Makeup 2

The beauty also departs from what’s typically found at NYFW: everyone styled in the same cookie-cutter fashion. Rather, at Sophie Theallet “it’s about individual hair,” says Keune Lead Artist Illham Mestour. “We’re looking at the girl, how she came in, and the natural way she is wearing her hair, and then we will enhance that with products.” Depending on the model’s texture, Mestour and her team work either Keune Design Salt Mist, Care Line Silkening Polish, Design Press Wax or Design Volume Powder into the models’ locks and use only a blow-dryer to groom hair and rid it of frizz. “What makes Sophie a very unique designer is she is working on the individuality of each model and her identity,” Mestour says. “She really wants different cultures and backgrounds. She told me to leave the girls as they are and don’t change them. It’s a good message for everyone.”

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Pecheux opts for a natural-looking makeup design, with all models rocking creamy, glossy, shimmery MAC Lightly Tauped Eye Gloss on eyelids and a dusting of MAC Parisian Frost Lipstick on the temples and tops of cheeks. Most models’ lips will remain bare, though Pecheux paints a dark, plum color on a handful of pouts. “Since they’re such an eclectic gang of girls we wanted to keep that difference,” he shares. “We’re only [doing five girls this way] just to show a very open mind and individuality so the girls aren't like an army of soldiers.”

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[Images: Courtesy of Keune; Molly Church]

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