Pravana “Show Us Your VIVIDs” Color Trend: Brig Van Osten Presents Color Drafting

Brig once again challenges stylists to rethink their approach to coloring hair as she presents her captivating color technique using Pravana ChromaSilk and VIVIDs as the tools to create inspirations for stylists who enter the “Show us your VIVIDs” contest.

Brig stretches the boundaries of artistry by skipping the use of paper, using hair as her canvas instead. Color Drafting was inspired by Brig's passion for painting; through Brig’s imagination sprung a simple, yet quirky way to segregate hair for unique color placement - using tape.

By Color Drafting the outline of the model’s uber short bob, Brig evolved the traditionally monotone style to a prismatic spectacle, dispersing colors with every turn of the head. The options are endless, just tape and go for it. This technique is not for the typical person, but for a unique extraordinaire with a desire to inspire.

The results - stunning and energizing.  “I did take risks with this technique, I wasn't 100% sure if I was going to love it. But I do, I love it,” states Brig.  “On set, the team was buzzing about the complete look. I find that nothing grand comes without enlarging the envelope of what I know or have learned. Experiment and think outside the planet!”

Brig explained, "As an artist who uses hair as a means to survive and create, Pravana VIVIDs provides the perfect consistency and delivers vibrant, powerful and "wow" hair color. I have the ability to take the ten shades and exploit them into countless custom colors creating unbelievable hair! I refuse to be limited by what is available to me. The freedom of VIVIDs gives me endless colors I can design and that's refreshing and necessary."

If you know you have what it takes to color the world your way, visit to get more information and to enter the first ever Show Us Your VIVIDs contest.  Then, anxiously await September 5, 2011 when Brig will bestow her three favorite colorists with premium prizes.  Happy coloring!


Images courtesy of Joni Rae and Associates.

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