Oligo Professionnel's CaluraTEN

Oligo Calura

Oligo Professionnel announces the launch of CaluraTEN, 10-minute permanent color line that completes the Calura color ecosystem. CaluraTEN is a shortcut to impeccable coverage, shine and longevity without compromising on hair and scalp care. CaluraTEN is designed to transform the salon experience for both hairstylists and their guests, thanks to its many benefits. CaluraTEN line includes 11 series ranging from neutral to intense red, as well as CaluraTEN Discovery Kit that includes everything a hairstylist might need to get started with its new 10-minute permanent hair color: 10 shades, Calura Permanent Developer 20 vol., Stain Remover, Oligo Brush, Oligo Bowl and Oligo Timer. 


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