[VIDEO] Be Bold with Color in 2024

This video is sponsored by: DeveloPlus

As spring and summer approach, your clients are likely going to want to make bold hair moves. Vivid colors are just the way to so, allowing for ultimate expression and plenty of ways to get creative with your client's final hair look. 

However, vivids may cause apprehension for some — the color can fade, it could damage hair over time, it can be costly, etc. Satin is looking to challenge those stigmas with its Bold Hair Color line that promises superior color pay-off that lasts. 

Here, Beauty Launchpad's Assistant Editor Gabby Bach chats with NAHA Barber of the Year Finalist for 2024 Nieves Almaraz (@howtofadehair) and National Sales Director for Developlus Lisa Finucane about the benefits of Satin's Bold Hair Color line, current hair trends and more as Almaraz demos an Aztec-inspired painted hair look.

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