Runway Report: Modern Women at A Détacher


At A Détacher the collection and beauty look inward for inspiration, a continuation from the last season. “It’s really about minimalizing yourself, self-assessment, and keeping things simple and pure,” explains Oribe Lead Stylist Kien Hoang. Hoang is also inspired by a picture A Détacher designer Mona Kowalska snapped of a gent she spotted on the streets rocking beautiful, long braids. “She sent the picture, we did the test and the braids worked out beautifully with her gorgeous collection!” he says.  

Image: Matte Production for Oribe

To craft the look, Hoang parts the models’ tresses straight down the middle, creates four rectangular sections, spritzes hair with Oribe Thick Dry Finishing Spray and then saturates the ends with Oribe Style Glow Styling Wax. He then braids locks so the front mimics a solid Dutch braid that frames the face and then crafts cornrows in the back sections that sweep down the nape of the neck. He finishes the look with another spritz of Thick Dry Finishing Spray, creating a ruffled, airy appearance. “It looks like she put on a sweater and then slept on [her hairstyle],” Hoang shares.

Image: Molly Church

Aveda Lead Makeup Artist Janelle Geason looks to the designer herself as the inspiration for her makeup design. “She’s very chic, cool and natural,” says Geason. “It’s just her energy, so [the makeup design] is this idea of a girl that’s carefree with beautiful skin, the brow isn’t too perfect because it’s just her, and then there’s a bit of refinement and sophistication with the lip—it’s who she is as a designer!” After creating flawless, fresh skin, Geason uses Aveda Petal Essence Eye Color Trio in Gobi Sands to shade the brows and lids. “The brow should look a little bit unruly, not perfectly groomed,” she explains. “And we’re only shading [the lid] a little bit to give the eye dimension as we don’t want an eye shadow look.” For the lip, Geason brushes on a blend of Aveda Nourish-Mint Lip Liner in Tarragona and Petal Essence Eye Definer in Cacao around the edges of the lip, leaving the center bare. She then fills in the full pucker with Aveda Nourish-Mint Smoothing Lip Color in Gogi Berry. “It’s a dimensional lip so it’s interesting and different,” she says. “And the lips look super full with the pop of the lighter color in the center.”

Image: Molly Church

Lead Nail Artist Jessica Tong finds her inspiration in sophisticated New York City women—the same women that would wear A Détacher. As such, she keeps the nails simple yet makes a bold statement by using a deep, smoky lavender hue. “We went with one color for both the toes and fingers, but I think that’s where the boldness of the look comes from,” she shares. “It’s a statement color unto itself and the darker shade gives that feel of the downtown streets and a SoHo woman.” The color de jour: NARS Nail Polish in Manosque. To get the look, apply Smith & Cult in Basis of Everything followed by two coats of Manosque and finish with Smith & Cult in Above it All.

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