Portfolio: CoCre8 Displays a Twist on Classic Elegance

Pastel Rainbow

Ravishing Red

In the newest imagery from CoCre8—an educational resource for hair artists—company cofounders Christopher Dove and John Simpson seek to bring contemporary relevance to classic hairstyling. Luxe is an amalgamation of old techniques (such as marcel waves) reinvented into fresh, sophisticated styles well suited for the modern, independent and elegant woman. “The ‘luxe’ woman is always relevant,” share Dove and Simpson. “She’s on the forefront of style and is forever on trend, without ever feeling the need to be ‘trendy.’” Classic with a twist? Sounds like a very sweet style recipe, indeed.

Feeling Blue

Baby Blue

*All fur in this collection is faux.

Hair: Christopher Dove and John Simpson/CoCre8 Education
Makeup: Liza Macawili Ramos
Photographer: Robert Valentine
Fashion styling: Dove
Color product: L’ANZA

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