12 Things All Hairstylists Can Relate To


Being a hairstylist isn't all perfect lobs and #mermaidhair - sometimes a client with box-dyed black hair wants to go platinum blonde in one session, or you find yourself falling asleep at 8pm on a Saturday after a full day of back-to-back clients. But on those days when everything just clicks - when the color correction goes perfectly, you get to try out a totally new style on a longtime client, and a new guest leaves with a huge smile - those are the days that you know you wouldn't have it any other way!

Below, check out our list of 12 things every stylist can relate to - the good, the bad, and the bleach stained!

1. Having an arsenal of small talk topics that can go on for hours

Image: Instagram.com/studio_kay

2. That feeling when a client asks for "3 layers"

Image: Instagram.com/ashton_rogers

3. When someone compliments your "manicure," but really it's just hair dye

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4. Finding little bleach spots on every. single. article. of. clothing.

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5. Client: "I went to someone else… can you fix it?"

Image: Instagram.com/sameeschaapstyling

6. Dumping the hair out of your clothes the second you get home

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7. When your friend asks to hang out - then casually mentions how they could REALLY use a trim

Image: Beauty Launchpad

8. When summer rolls around and forces you to consider your all-black wardrobe (at least, for a minute or two)

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9. When all your non-stylist friends are like, "TGIF!" but you have a full day of clients starting at 8am the next day

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10. Perfecting the art of the 30 second lunch break

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11. Two words: wedding season

Image: Instagram.com/jolenedoeshair

12. And that feeling when a client says, "It's perfect!" and you remember that you have the best job in the world!

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