The Okafor Collection by Allilon Education Art Team


The Allilon Education Art Team has launched Okafor, a stunning collection inspired by the hyperrealist portraits of renowned pencil artist, Kelvin Okafor.

Boasting dramatic shapes with flashes of dark colour, the collection takes inspiration from the shape of the eye – the focal point of Okafor’s drawings. Fusing a mixture of portrait photography with black and white and pencil drawings, the collection truly comes to life to showcase the work of the collaborative artists.

Says artist Kelvin Okafor, “There’s a shyness and a confidence about people that I love to capture. The key features I focus on when I draw people are their eyes – they are the windows of the soul. You can really feel their identity when you look at their eyes. To be able to achieve this standard that I’ve set for myself takes discipline; when you rush things you don’t really appreciate the process or understand what it is you’re doing.”

According to Johnny Othona, Director, Allilon Education, “Kelvin is a true master of his craft and is dedicated to discipline. This collection is an homage to him, while showcasing that the worlds of art and hairdressing can collide to great effect.”





Hair: Allilon Education Art Team
Photography: Trevor Leighton
Make-up: Cheryl Phelps Gardiner
Clothes styling: Giuseppina DeCamillo

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