What’s Your Advice for Gaining New Clients?

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Whether you’re just starting your career and looking to build a solid client base or you’re a veteran switching salons, attracting new clients can be an unpredictable task. Our followers on Instagram shared advice for attracting (and retaining!) new clients.

@beachblondeboss: The best advice: Go out once a week, have two shots of tequila and start talking to people. Works every time.

@happyhaircloud: Go to the grocery store and make friends with the people who work there. Join a gym. Give your card to everyone. When you see someone in public who needs hair help, approach them and say, “I’d love to do your hair.” Almost every time I’ve done this, the person has replied, “I’m actually looking for a hairstylist.” Have impeccable customer service. Treat them like royalty. Ask for referrals. Show you care. Give a kick-ass scalp massage.

@beautybyrubyyy: Not everyone is on social media. Go to Nordstrom, Anthropologie, the nicest restaurants in your area, and say “hi.” People forget human interaction. Then, I use my social media to show them a quick portfolio.

@chairsideconfessions: Location, location, location! Most of your clients will come from a five-mile radius around your shop. Find a five-mile area with an income matching your prices.

@hairbymelissafalasca: Care about people and their hair. People will spread the word if you are genuine, sincere and pay attention to them while they are in your chair. Listening is so important.

@mickeycolonjr: It’s all about the experience + bad a*s work = more clients.

@colormeamberr_: Nurturing your current clients and getting referrals through word of mouth has always been the best way (for me personally) to grow a clientele. Your clients are a walking advertisement. Build that relationship with them and make them want to send everyone they know to you! As a little thank you, I offer a referral credit to my clients—for every person they refer, they get a $10 credit toward their next service.

@shreedatailor: Get involved in your community. Join a local group or book club. Everyone in that group will want to support their groupmate, and the referrals will be exponential. When it comes to retention, that’s where you must bring your magic sauce. Your talent will get you places, but your interpersonal skills, empathy and compassion will have clients coming back.

@casistauffer: Be consistent behind the chair. I think it’s easy to wow someone once, but if they can continue to count on amazing and consistent results, it will not go unnoticed.

Attracting new clients depends on a lot of factors, including who your target client is and your style of self-promotion. Beauty Launchpad educators Drew Inge (@domyhairdrew), Jess Rowland (@row_house_hair) and Hana Norris (@hanas_salon_inspo) share their advice for attracting new clients in this month's digital magazine.

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