Guest Blog: 2015 Trend Forecast by Sam Villa

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Sharing VALUE continues to be our message at Sam Villa, and will be our focus in our education throughout 2015. We will continue to think, say, and do differently to help bring value to the services salon professionals provide.

Today, with nonchalance being the new luxury, consumers are looking for ease of styling and maintenance, and we as an industry can deliver that by thinking, saying and doing differently. It’s about raw, simple, undone looks as clients go back to simple grassroots rituals. We’ll be showing how to cut hair to break up uniformity and heaviness to provide more styling options. Super straight, flat-ironed ends have gone by the wayside in favor of on-purpose disrupted shapes with choppier edges that are “vandalized” for all the right reasons. And layers will be a focus with placement being key - by turning undercuts and under layers upside down, hair gets a hint of volume and movement. Detachment is no longer just a trend; similar to balayage and ombré, it has become an essential technique for all hairdressers to master. Imagine a single haircut that can be transformed into multiple identities through creative cutting and styling techniques.  

Sv2 0Finishing, as always, continues to be as important as the haircut, so dust off your diffuser, organic texture is making a huge comeback! This year, there will be an emphasis on de-frizzing… and crimping is back too, but there’s a new take on this 80’s classic with updated tools and techniques.

It’s going to be a very exciting and innovative year in hair, so I want to give you a sneak peek at some key elements to help you add value TODAY! Hope it inspires you!

2015 Hair Projections

  • Raw, simple, undone - think grassroots styling
  • Powdery and multi-textured finishes
  • Adding products to dry rather than wet hair to get piece-y-ness and shine
  • Strive for ease, "nonchalance," the new luxury… imagine a middle part or low side part with a shine finish leading to mid shaft and ends with a powdery finish
  • Blowouts are more organic; air-drying emerges as a popular method of styling
  • Naturally curly textures are dried with diffusers to de-frizz rather than straighten or curl; it’s about working with the natural texture
  • Super-straight, flat-ironed ends have gone by the wayside in favor of choppier edges: vandalized, disrupted, turn/flip the undercut and under layers for more hair underneath
  • Cut hair to break up uniformity and/or heaviness
  • Layers are well placed to create impact with natural texture
  • The quality of hair continues to be important, healthy and strong
  • Need a no-maintenance, go-to product for giving hair a hint of volume and movement
  • Crimping is cool again, but with a new twist
  • The ponytail in its simplest form – make it look different by adding visual value: abstract texture, subtle nuances to otherwise minimalist hair
  • Fringe awakens shapes with choppy vandalized edges and chevron or triangle lines
  • Braids continue to be the go-to: parted braids, undone braids with accents of color, and even braided parts - middle, low, or side rouses long hair

Sv3 0When you deliver more value to your clients by way of your knowledge on how to deliver on-trend styles in minimal time with multiple styling options, you will take control of your chair and your business, because your value as a hairdresser is your knowledge.

Aspire for more!

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